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Months Go By…

In such a short time so much can happen. Thankfully, I’m continually moving forward. I can no longer place expectations on other human beings or circumstances. It IS true what they say… time reveals all. People are not always who you believe they are. They do not always have pure intentions, as you know you […]

Evolution of Thought

Within the last week, an unexpected event occurred. And of course it has to deal with a person. A very specific person to me actually. However, I am going to try to be as elusive as possible about whom this person truly is… although I am sure the further you read the more it will […]

jUst eFFinG wRIte, fOR FuCKs SAKE…

My task is simple. Start writing. But my problem is… I want it to look perfect, to read well. Here’s the facts though. That’s not always possible, and if you want to do something, you simply have to start. Quit dragging your heels and move your ass… regardless of how it ends up coming out. […]